Letters to Loved Ones. (part two?)

Holy Crap!
There was nothing good on T.V. on this, my day off, so I thought, “Well, let me just flip to The History Channel and see…”
I wasn’t really expecting much.
And guess what?  There’s actually a program on right now that’s historical!  Lately, this channel has become more The Hillbilly Channel, showing things like gross men wrestling about with alligators and such.  I’ve never understood how in the hell that’s in any way historical.  So I don’t check the channel often.  But today, on a whim I checked and there’s a program about the black plague.  Cool!  So off I go to watch it!  And right in the heart of cold and flu season to boot!  It’s like watching a scary movie on Halloween!  Or like the time Tara and both had dental appointments on the same day so the night before, we watched that horror movie, The Dentist, where the dentist does ALL SORTS of horrific things to his patients.  (Basically, he tortures and kills them), but Tara and I thought that would be perfect to watch before our appointments.

First of Letters to Loved Ones.

Well.  Here we go again, another trip around the sun, the earth endlessly spinning and tilting.  🙂
I just took down and put away my Christmas decorations and put the usual stuff in its place.  It was kind of sad, almost like being in mourning.  I kept looking at the Christmas stuff and saying, “Okay.  I really need to take all of this down and put it away.”  And then this childish voice in my head would cry, “But I don’t wanna!”
Not because I didn’t want to do the work (I’ve never shied away from work), but because taking it all down would be an acknowledgment that the holiday season is over.  I don’t want the holidays to be over.  I love them and will miss them.  But I did it.  I took everything down and put it all away carefully and with so much love.
I thought about what a year 2013 was.  So many cool things happened that year.  Maybe this year will be the year that I finally get the fuck out of southern Nevada.  At least last year after the holidays, I had so many things to look forward to:  Tara turning 18.  Tara graduating from high school.  Tara going to Europe.  This year, it seems there’s nothing to look forward to.  The only thing upcoming is extreme heat and suffocating humidity.  Sweating and being hot.  Yuck.
But wait!  There is Superbowl to look forward to!  (GO BRONCOS!) and there is the winter Olympics.  And then the spring climbing season on Everest.
Okay.  I’m really stretching here, but at least I’m trying to look on the bright side.
So we’re all still here.  We’ve completed another round about the sun.  And God willing, we will all be blessed and content this year. 
Much love to you all,
Stef  🙂


I started a blog but the more I think about it…I don’t know.  Blogging seems to be a way to say, “Look at me!”  It’s sort of like when I get off the bus every day and walk the rest of the way to work.  There’s this guy who always roars by me on a motorcycle which is ridiculously loud.  In my mind, his name is Motorcycle Attention Whore.  Blogging seems sort of like that.  I don’t keep up with it much because I’m always e-mailing to friends and family on the weekend.  So I think I’ll just copy and paste those e-mails so that anybody who wants to read my thoughts can do so.  But they’re really crazy and stupid.  🙂

(Also, I’m very bad at figuring out how to navigate anything on the computer)


I just went outside so I could look at the moon.  It’s so beautiful!  It’s not quite full.  I can’t remember if it’s currently waxing or waning…I’ve lost track.  All I know is that it reminded me of when I was a kid of about 12.  I used to take my dad’s binoculars, climb up onto the backyard shed, and gaze at it.  It’s still the same beautiful moon.  The time when I was 12 is so far away from now.  That’s just so far away from now.  But still, today, the moon is the same and so lovely.  Still the same old mystical, luminous moon that captivated me all those years ago. 

Slow down

Living in the Mojave Desert and not liking heat, summer is a horrific nightmare for me. I’m always so thrilled when the temperatures drop in October. This is my favorite time of year. I love fall and winter. I love it for all the reasons many people hate it. I love when the days shorten and it gets dark early. I love when it becomes cold outside. I adore when all the leaves fall off the trees because I like the way the bare branches look against the sky. I like cloudy, windy, drizzly days.

I love the holiday season, which as far as I’m concerned, kicks off with my birthday in mid October. In the summer, I want time to go by quickly, to be over with the long hot days. Now is the time of year where I’m always thinking that I want time to slow down, slow down now. I want the fall and winter to last as long as possible. Slow down, slow down.