For a whole week, I have eaten nothing but fruit and vegetables.  I don’t like fruit and vegetables.  I like vegetables more than I like fruit but I would really prefer to nosh on meat.  So when I began forcing myself to eat fruit, I was a bit concerned that my body might reject this shit.  But for a week, I’ve been eating like this…crunch, crunch.  It’s so hard to eat that sometimes, I find myself with my cheeks full of vegetables (carrots and peas and whatnot) because it’s difficult to swallow this crap.  But once I do swallow it, I feel the energy from the plant so that’s good I guess.
I’m trying to eat better.  Carrots and cucumbers, pears and peaches will NEVER taste as good as burgers and fries but I really want to lose weight.  Also, I’ve given up cheese, which I really used to enjoy.  So I’m finding myself TOTALLY craving cheese.  I’m not even sure what sort of cheese I want…just some sort of hard, flaky, delicious cheese.  I was telling myself that this craving for cheese must mean I’m deficient in protein.  But then I was like, “Nah.  That’s redonk.  You’re not deficient in protein, you just want some fucking cheese.
(dieting sucks big time),

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