Pig’s ears?!

Okay. I’m watching that show on Food Network, Chopped.

They’re making the contestants cook pig ears. This one guy’s pig ears are sticking to the bottom of his pot. Ummmm. Hmmmmmm. Suddenly, the carrots don’t sound so out of the question.


Journey to my new hot body

I scold myself.  Here’s my thought process:
I’m hungry. 
Well, go eat some carrots again.
Eat them.
But I’m starving!
No.  You’re not starving.  Your body could probably survive for an entire year off just one of your breasts.


For a whole week, I have eaten nothing but fruit and vegetables.  I don’t like fruit and vegetables.  I like vegetables more than I like fruit but I would really prefer to nosh on meat.  So when I began forcing myself to eat fruit, I was a bit concerned that my body might reject this shit.  But for a week, I’ve been eating like this…crunch, crunch.  It’s so hard to eat that sometimes, I find myself with my cheeks full of vegetables (carrots and peas and whatnot) because it’s difficult to swallow this crap.  But once I do swallow it, I feel the energy from the plant so that’s good I guess.
I’m trying to eat better.  Carrots and cucumbers, pears and peaches will NEVER taste as good as burgers and fries but I really want to lose weight.  Also, I’ve given up cheese, which I really used to enjoy.  So I’m finding myself TOTALLY craving cheese.  I’m not even sure what sort of cheese I want…just some sort of hard, flaky, delicious cheese.  I was telling myself that this craving for cheese must mean I’m deficient in protein.  But then I was like, “Nah.  That’s redonk.  You’re not deficient in protein, you just want some fucking cheese.
(dieting sucks big time),