Letters to Loved Ones. (part two?)

Holy Crap!
There was nothing good on T.V. on this, my day off, so I thought, “Well, let me just flip to The History Channel and see…”
I wasn’t really expecting much.
And guess what?  There’s actually a program on right now that’s historical!  Lately, this channel has become more The Hillbilly Channel, showing things like gross men wrestling about with alligators and such.  I’ve never understood how in the hell that’s in any way historical.  So I don’t check the channel often.  But today, on a whim I checked and there’s a program about the black plague.  Cool!  So off I go to watch it!  And right in the heart of cold and flu season to boot!  It’s like watching a scary movie on Halloween!  Or like the time Tara and both had dental appointments on the same day so the night before, we watched that horror movie, The Dentist, where the dentist does ALL SORTS of horrific things to his patients.  (Basically, he tortures and kills them), but Tara and I thought that would be perfect to watch before our appointments.

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