Slow down

Living in the Mojave Desert and not liking heat, summer is a horrific nightmare for me. I’m always so thrilled when the temperatures drop in October. This is my favorite time of year. I love fall and winter. I love it for all the reasons many people hate it. I love when the days shorten and it gets dark early. I love when it becomes cold outside. I adore when all the leaves fall off the trees because I like the way the bare branches look against the sky. I like cloudy, windy, drizzly days.

I love the holiday season, which as far as I’m concerned, kicks off with my birthday in mid October. In the summer, I want time to go by quickly, to be over with the long hot days. Now is the time of year where I’m always thinking that I want time to slow down, slow down now. I want the fall and winter to last as long as possible. Slow down, slow down.