Birth Control

I was talking to my daughter about birth control the other day because she’s 18 now and has a boyfriend. So I was talking to her (again) about birth control. We discussed the options and I suggested an IUD. She was not so big a fan of that because she’s heard about problems with those. Then, just a few minutes ago, I saw this commercial on T.V. It’s about a huge lawsuit ongoing due to this IUD which has all of these bad side effects. Among them are 1) it can embed itself in the uterus. 2) it can migrate.


What the freaking heck? No wonder she doesn’t want to get that thing put in there. When I hear the word “migrate” I think of birds going to and from the north and south. So I get this image of:

“Crap. Why is my calf so itchy? Dang. Is that the stupid IUD moving about again?” And then a week later: “Shit! What is this swelling in my neck? Dammit! How did that thing get way up here?!”


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